COVID-19 News


The corona-virus pandemic continues to have an uncharted impact on CENL National Libraries all over Europe. To better understand the present state of affairs and what might pursue, we have created an online map alongside a Covid-19 page to measure the impact on our National Libraries. We will continue to support our CENL members with information about the situation as well as monitoring re-opening plans. As the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolves, we are faced with changed realities. Below you can find the latest updates from CENL.


Across the world, many of our CENL National Libraries have begun a gradual reopening in an attempt to return a sense of normalcy as well as diminish the economic impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic. The specific restrictions put in place and those being lifted, vary widely across each country and nation. National Libraries have begun to implement their reopening strategies thus attempting to dissect the best course of action to safely resume providing services.

CENL Covid-19 Monitoring Map

Click below to get an overview of the impact on National Libraries, as well as the changes and re-opening measures.