Nacionalna i univerzitetska biblioteka / National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina

How to find us

Zmaja od Bosne 8b, Sarajevo (Library’s temporary building)
Obala Kulina bana 1, Sarajevo (Vijećnica)


+387 33 275 300 / +387 33 275 423'



Dr. Ismet Ovcina


a. Architect for Vijećnica was Alexandar Wittek;
b. For the Library’s temporary building in the Campus of the University of Sarajevo, architects were Karel Pařík (Karlo Paržik) and Ludwig Huber.

On the you can find all plans of the military complex (from 28 a to 28 l).

First name of the Complex was Filipović quarters (Josip Filipović was commander of Austro-Hungarian troops who came to B&H in 1878.). After WWII, in Yugoslavia, name was changed into Complex of military quarters Marshal Tito (Maršal Tito).

Year founded

On October 31st in 1945. The Regulation on the National Library of Federal Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the central library, National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established. This resolution was signed by Ante Babić, Minister of Education and published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina is more or less known, by the great fire of August 1992, caused by bomb shelling. After a devastating fire that swallowed the Town Hall and 90% of the library holdings, remaining personnel collected shards of its library, trying to preserve what was rescued. Reconstruction and reconstitution of catalogues and collections and the existing structure of the total fund is based on those preserved collections. Following the technological development and requirements of users, the library has gradually transformed functions and services in the attempt to adapt towards modern library and information trends.

With library automatization, online access, electronic data interchange, document delivery, CDROMs, multimedia and e-publishing, the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina has seriously began to develop new technologies in the management & services of the library, virtual library concept, its systems, as well as to share library treasures with a broader community of users.

CENL SURVEY – Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bursary Report: National Library of Bosnia-Herzegovina attending the National Library of Bulgaria’s conference

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