Slovenská národná knižnica / Slovak National Library

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SNL, Námestie J. C. Hronského 1, Martin


+421 43 24 51 222



Katarína Krištofová


Dušan Kuzma a Anton Cimmerman

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The Slovak National Library is a modern institution that serves all citizens of Slovakia and users from abroad. Preferentially collects indigenous and foreign Slovakicist documents, submits them to expert processing, maintains and protects them as well as provides for their accessibility. It protects publications from Slovakia or publications in Slovak language from ancient times, documents of Slovak writers including documents related to Slovakia. It’s collection includes over 5 million volumes. It provides services especially to university or college students, teachers, academics, scientist, and scholars. Its workplaces are The Literary Museum of the SNL, The Slavic Museum of A. S. Pushkin in Brodzany and historical Apponyi Library in Oponice. The Slovak National Library implemented (2012 – 2015) national project Digital Library and Digital Archive (DIKDA), which aimed to digitize more than 2.5 million cultural objects from the Slavic conservation fund of the SNL and from collections of the Slovak National Archive.

CENL SURVEY – Slovakia


The Apponyi Library: Exhibition: The Birth of the Book

This year´s exhibition of Gutenberg’s library will take you back in time to the period when the first printed books were created. And on this journey, you will be accompanied by Johann Gutenberg himself, who will reveal how his printing press changed civilization. In addition, you will see some interesting and rare books. Exhibition is prepared by the Slovak National Library in the Apponyi Library in Oponice.

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