29th September 2023

Friesenhofs Manor in Brodzany on the stamp

Stamps, letters and postcards used to be a common part of our lives. It was the pleasure for Slovak National Library to welcome the fact that a stamp from the issue series Beauty of our Homeland: Renaissance Manor in Brodzany had been included in the issue plan of The Slovak Post Office (Slovenská pošta a.s.).

Despite the fact that e-mails and text messages rule the world, the Slovak Post Office issues several postage stamps each year. The residence of the Friesenhof family is depicted on a stamp measuring 44.4 x 30.5 mm, with the specific symbol T2 50g. The marking corresponds to the price that is equal to the amount of the postal rate for a 2nd class letter up to a weight of 50 g in domestic traffic (€0.90).

It shows the dominant of Brodzany from its northwest side. In the foreground of the stamp, you can see a historically and botanically valuable park, which is a protected area. Its rare trees hide several busts of Slovak and Russian writers. A piece of the Geradze River, which flows through the park, is also depicted. Four-winged and 2 floors high Renaissance mansion has distinctive prismatic towers and was built in the 17th century.

The author of the artistic design of the postage stamp and interlayer is an academic painter Martin Činovský, ArtD. František Horniak is the author of the design of the overprint on FDC and FDC.

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