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19th July 2021

Memories & Returns: Miroslav Vladár

Exhibition dedicated to Mir Vladár

The Literary Museum SNK invites you to its premises for the exhibition Miro Vladár Memories and Returns,which is dedicated to the creation of this representative of modern nasal creation. However, his paintings have become increasingly out of this sphere in recent years. It does not remain on one way of painting, but it puts on increasingly demanding tasks, which it handles very well with its systematic work. He has a special style and poetics that is sorely lacking at the moment. It expresses the joy of life and the victory of hope. In his paintings we can discover forgotten nature, lost childhood, stories and dreams, fantasies and secrets.

Miroslav Vladár was born in 1951 in Martin. In 1975 he graduated from the Technical University in Zvolen. He worked in various wood and furniture companies. He is currently retired and living in Martin.

From childhood he excelled in drawing, but more regularly he began to devote himself to this hobby only in 1980, when he joined the newly established Studio of Amateur Artists in Martin. In the 40 years he has been involved in painting, he has participated in 35 group exhibitions, including 6 abroad. He organized 8 separate exhibitions and participated in three international plethals. He has won several awards at regular district, regional and nationwide competitions of amateur art.

Miro Vladár is an autodidact-self-tuctor. He has never graduated from any art schools or private studios with professional artists. He revealed the knowledge and mystery of painting himself by studying literature on fine art and visiting galleries and exhibitions. It was a very slow process of cognition and maturation, but because he is a good painter and colorful and tickling techniques listened to and entertained him, the results came quite quickly. It paints exclusively in oily colors and creates the image as a long story for 5 to 10 sessions. This slow method of painting requires great patience of the author, but on the other hand it allows you to carefully assess the image and make the necessary corrections.

As a boy, he grew up in a village and later went to his grandparents during the summer holidays to help with agricultural work. This is where his deep relationship with nature shaped. Therefore, even in his paintings, he often returns to the memories of childhood ingested in the village, to children’s fairy tales, rumors and games.

The second painting theme is the old mining town of Banská Štiavnica and Bratislava, which is often visited and inspired by its beauty. Even in paintings with this theme, it engages in the architecture of the city figures with the theme of rumors or fairy tales.

The third painting theme is the forest. It depicts people sitting on the clearing of the forest surrounded by rich vegetation, which evokes the desire for nature and lost paradise.

The exhibition at the Literary Museum SNK will last until 31 August 2021.


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