12th July 2021

Slovak National Library: The Brodzany Manor House

The manor house in Brodzany, which houses the A. S. Pushkin Slavic Museum, will get a new look. The rehabilitation works of the museum building include restoration of foundations and perimeter walls as well as waterproofing exterior and interior walls. Due to the restoration works, which started on May 22, 2021 and are estimated to be completed by the end of November 2021, the A. S. Pushkin Slavic Museum is temporarily closed to the public. The manor house in Brodzany is under the administration of the Slovak National Library.

“Funds for the reconstruction were allocated already in last year’s budget, but due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we postponed the implementation to this year. In the second half of the year, we are planning to repair the roof and lay new roofing on the Friesenhof Library, which, however, won’t affect the planned events or the museum visits,”said Katarína Krištofová, Director General of the Slovak National Library.

The rehabilitation works have become necessary because of the presence of moisture in the structure of the building. Moisture rise and subsequent efflorescence resulted from a poor treatment of the walls in the 1980s, when the manor house underwent the last significant reconstruction.

At the same time, restoration of the stone portals in the interior and loopholes are going to be carried out. After thorough drying, the building walls will be protected with render and a new colour coating will be applied.

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