The Apponyi Library: Exhibition: The Birth of the Book

This year´s exhibition of Gutenberg’s library will take you back in time to the period when the first printed books were created. And on this journey, you will be accompanied by Johann Gutenberg himself, who will reveal how his printing press changed civilization. In addition, you will see some interesting and rare books. Exhibition is prepared by the Slovak National Library in the Apponyi Library in Oponice.

DH Call and DH Fellowships 2024

The German National Library supports academic research in the field of Digital Humanities >(DH) and is therefore advertising a call for proposals for this year‘s DH Call and DH Fellowships. The DH Call is aimed at researchers who need access to our collections for their projects. Our DH Fellowships offer the opportunity to address and work on research questions relating to our catalog data for a period of three to six months.

United in Diversity

“United in Diversity”, № BGCULTURE-3.001-0044-C01, is a project that encourages a Bulgarian-Icelandic partnership between the National Library of Bulgaria and the Vigdís International Center for Multilingual and Intercultural Understanding at the University of Iceland. The joint efforts of the project participants aim to stimulate a dialogue between minority communities in Bulgaria. This project is financed with funds from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014–2021 under Programme PA14, “Cultural entrepreneurship, heritage, and cooperation,” Result 3, “Improved awareness of arts and culture of ethnic and cultural minorities (focus on Roma)”.