1st July 2024

The Regional Conferences for Librarians of the Republic of Moldova

The National Library of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the National Children’s Library “Ion Creanga” and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova organized the annual regional conferences during May 28 – June 6, 2024 with the generic theme “The involvement of the libraries in supporting and achieving the National Development Strategy “European Moldova 2030”, which is based on UN Agenda 2030 and the Association Agreement with the EU.

During the regional conferences the aspects related to the implementation of the professional initiatives of the current year are shared and analyzed, identifying the problems that require concentration of efforts at the national level. The regional conferences bring together representatives of all types of libraries of the country.

The conferences aim to support libraries within the national library system for the implementation of professional initiatives by learning about meaningful experiences, focusing on innovations in professional activity, and improving partnership relations.

The regional conferences are one of the important tools of communication with the local library community and in the same time, a powerful management tool; they allow to correct and adjust in the middle of the year the implementation of the measures to support the National Development Strategy “European Moldova 2030”.

The regional conferences 2024 were organized in 4 regions of Moldova: North (Donduseni city, May 28, 2024), Center 1 (Orhei city, May 30, 2024), Center 2 (Chisinau, Scientific Library of Academy of Economic Studies, June 4, 2024), South (Zirnesti village, Cahul, June 6, 2024).

There were participating 218 librarians, representatives of all types of libraries (around 55 per region).

The impact of the regional conferences:

  • exchange of good practices / successful experiences of the public (regional, communal, municipal and city), university and school libraries regarding the importance of their involvement in the promotion and realization of the “European Moldova 2030” National Development Strategy;
  • regional conferences are platforms for effective professional communication, mobilizing the capacities/competencies of librarians to promote the successful experiences of libraries, by elaborating relevant communications according to the Professional Initiatives of library activity in 2024;
  • evaluation of the situation regarding the implementation of the professional initiatives of the year 2024;
  • identifying the areas for strengthening the level of methodological support for librarians from the national and regional library centers;
  • promoting the works of regional conferences on social networks, websites (placed by the NLRM experts, and by the representatives of the host libraries); there was published an article in the local newspaper “Opinia Libera” signed by Stepanida Tugui, available on the blog of the regional public library “Alexandru Donici”, Orhei https://bibliotecadoniciblog.wordpress.com/2024/06/17/conferintele-zonale-sunt-organizate-la -orhei/
  • developing e-Portfolios of communications made during regional conferences and sending them to all library centers of the National Library System.


Photo North Regional Conference 2024

Photo  Regional Conference Center 1 2024

Photo Regional Conference Center 2 2024

Photo South Regional Conference 2024

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