1st July 2024

All Time Football – exhibition in honour of the European Football Championship in the Buda Castle district

On 15 June 2024, the exhibition All Time Football opened in Budapest in the Buda Castle district, offering a month-long programme of family-friendly activities to mark the 2024 European Football Championship. The unique temporary exhibition aims to show the close links between football, culture and history in indoor and outdoor venues, with a rich programme of activities.

During the 2024 European Football Championship, the National Széchényi Library (NSZL), the National Sport, the Foundation for a Healthy Nation, a Common Cause for All of Us and the Castle Headquarters will present a joint exhibition of special stories and memories related to the former and present football successes.

Drawing on the rich collection of the NSZL and selected photos from National Sport, the exhibition is organised around three main themes, which are spatially separated from each other. In the NSZL’s ceremonial hall, the Hungarian cinematic representation of football is illustrated by spectacular film posters, manuscripts and objects that tell the stories of the intersection of football and film. In addition to the posters, the walls also contain documentary copies (e.g. slide film enlargements, graphic albums, newspaper articles) that bring the circumstances and historical context of the making of the film in question closer.

Other parts of the exhibition are located in an outdoor exhibition, next to the NSZL building, at the Stöckl staircase and at the ramp leading to the Gloriett in the Castle Garden Bazaar. At the Stöckl staircase, visitors may see rare posters from the period when football ‘exploded’ and became popular, telling the story of how football became part of our everyday lives.

At the ramp leading to the Gloriett in the Castle Garden, there are works from the earliest days of Hungarian football, from the heroic age of poster art, provided by the National Sport, and memorable moments from Hungarian national team matches, with sports photographs that capture the captivating atmosphere of the matches. From 15 June to 14 July, the All Time Football exhibition will pay tribute to football’s past and present with special pieces and memories.

In addition to the programmes organised by the National Library, all members of the family can take part in a number of events in the Buda Castle district. In addition to sports activities and games, the matches may be seen on a giant projector, free of charge. As an open-air accompaniment to the exhibition, the NSZL will offer three football-themed masterpieces of Hungarian cinema as an open-air cinema experience in the courtyard of the Castle Garden Bazaar Founders’ House. The International Sports Press Association (AIPS) also reported on the All Time Football exhibition on their English-language website:

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