Országos Széchényi Könyvtár (OSZK) / National Library of Hungary

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Buda Royal Palace “F” building, 1827 BUDAPEST, Budapest, Hungary


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Mr. Dávid Rózsa


One of the wings of the Buda Royal Palace was redesigned of the current bulding of the library was made between 1960 and 1985.
Pál Havassy; interior design: Edit Lőrinczi

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The National Széchényi Library (NSZL) founded in 1802, owes its creation to a patriotic aristocrat Count Ferenc Széchényi. It collects various types of documents pertaining to Hungary, ranging from handwritten to audio-visual sources. As a legal deposit library, it receives copies of all works printed in the country. It holds more than 10 million items. In close cooperation with other institutions, the NSZL coordinates and takes part in programs aiming at the description and the preservation the national cultural heritage. Having a wide range of international relations, the institution aims at exchanging professional experience, promoting research and realizing projects in various fields. In addition to the general collection, a number of specialized collection make the NSZL a primary source collection for human science research related to Hungary. Besides, as an exhibition venue, the NSZL welcomes visitors in permanent exhibition and several temporary exhibitions per year.



The National Széchényi Library’s latest temporary exhibition: The Forms of Time

The National Széchényi Library, located in the Buda Castle, is an institution that preserves and transmits Hungarian cultural heritage. Its latest exhibition, The Forms of Time, presents the perception of time in ancient and Christian culture in an innovative and family-friendly way: alongside calendars, chronicles, postcards and photographs, visitors may also find handheld and digital curiosities.

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