21st May 2024

The National Széchényi Library’s latest temporary exhibition: The Forms of Time

The National Széchényi Library, located in the Buda Castle, is an institution that preserves and transmits Hungarian cultural heritage and is also the starting point and source of Hungarian related humanities research. Its mission is to collect, preserve and publish the written, printed, audio-visual and electronic heritage of Hungarian national culture.

The National Library’s latest temporary exhibition, The Forms of Time, presents an innovative and family-friendly approach to the perception of time in ancient and Christian culture: in addition to calendars, chronicles, postcards and photographs, visitors, including children can try out hands-on and digital curiosities. This unique exhibition aims to showcase our holidays, our most important days of the year and the importance of celebrating them year after year. It gives a glimpse into the way the ancients imagined time and how our ancestors looked to the future, how they thought about everyday life and holidays.



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