23rd July 2021

The National Library of Spain has compiled more than 10,000 electronic serial publications on the Internet in 2021

The National Library of Spain keeps on working with the goal of saving as much cultural and documentary heritage as possible published on the Internet. Thus, the biannual free access serial publications gathering has been already carried out as a complement to those already compiled for the .es domain.

In 2021, the number of gathered websites containing electronic serial publications have been more than 10,000. Three terabytes of information have been collected in just four days. Taken last year’s data, results have improved taking into account the volume of information compiled as well as the time required to capture it.

Bulk and selective captures, a mixed model of ways of compilation, makes it possible to capture free access websites containing electronic serial publications which are considered document heritage. The preservation of digital-born content is a difficult task to face for many e-journals’ editors due to the technical and economic efforts that are at play. The absense of a preservation policy can lead to the disappearance of serial publications, especially the most humbles or those that lack an institutional support. In this context, the Spanish National Library centers its efforts in the long-term preservation of spanish electronic serial publications so as to accomplish the deposit legislation guarding country’s document heritage.

First of all, the project seeks to bring together the technical means and human resources in order to achieve the goal of compiling electronic serial publications, which until now were not preserved relying on the help of editors and authors. Its second pursuit is to raise awareness of the benefit that the compilation of electronic scientific publications entails, both for editors and researchers, as well as for citizens, as a way of safeguarding a very important part of the Spanish cultural and scientific heritage.

More info about The Spanish Web Archive: http://www.bne.es/en/Colecciones/ArchivoWeb/


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