6th July 2021

National Library of Spain: Free access to the historical archive of digital daily press

The National Library of Spain and the Information Media Association provide regional libraries with access to the historical archive of the daily press in digital format

The National Library of Spain (BNE), in collaboration with the Information Media Association (AMI), will offer to the conservation centers of the regional libraries of the Autonomous Communities, and with legal deposit competence, access to the entire historical archive of the daily press in digital format.

The system proposed by the BNE to enable this access is a remote desktop application installed exclusively on the public access computers of the conservation centers, which allows the consultation of these works and in no case the download or copy thereof. This application is the one that is already used to give access from the regional libraries to the Spanish Website Archive and to the electronic books entered by legal deposit. In this way, the right of access to information and the safeguarding of intellectual property rights are compatible.

The remote desktop application will give you full access to the electronic publications currently available: archived websites, electronic books and daily newspapers. Therefore, it will allow users the historical consultation from any conservation center of 294 daily newspaper headlines partly provided by AMI and partly digitized by the BNE. The number of headers may grow with the collaboration of all conservation centers and AMI associates.

In so doing, it is intended to follow the model of the electronic legal deposit that, from its inception, was proposed as a collaborative effort of the National Library of Spain and the conservation centers of the autonomous communities, within the Library Cooperation Council (CCB by its initials in spanish). This model allows to work in a more efficient way, since the publishers thus deliver their publications in a single point, the duplication of the deposit is avoided and the management is simplified.


More info about the Spanish Web Archive: Archivo de la Web Española. Biblioteca Nacional de España (bne.es)

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