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22nd April 2021

SYMPOSIUM: Sources of slavery on slave trade

Why this symposium?

The Rijksmuseum(link is external), National Archives(link is external) and the KB organize this symposium on the occasion of the opening of the slavery exhibition(link is external) and the completion of the theme of slavery in the programme Metamorphosis(link is external). As a result, nearly two million pages of archive on slavery and slave trade have been restored and digitized. These will become available online via the NA website.

On 23 April 2021, the Rijksmuseum, the KB and the National Archives will organise the online symposium ‘Sources on slavery and slave trade’.

The program

The program is in English and can be followed via a live stream. The main design:

  • 1 p.m.: Opening by Nancy Jouwe, chairman of the day
  • 1.05pm: Keynote Marisa Fuentes
  • 1.40 pm: Museum practice, with the cooperation of Eveline St. Nicolaas, Valika Smeulders, Felicia Fricke
  • 2.40pm: Archival research, Stanley Griffin, Karwan Fatah Black, Maria Karg and Coen van Galen
  • 3.40pm: Launch theme page Metamorfoze
  • 3:50 p.m.: Panel discussion. International colleagues from the archive and museum world reflect on the greater accessibility and application of these sources
  • 4.30pm: Closing by Nancy Jouwe

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