6th June 2023

National Library of Estonia celebrating Museum Night 2023

In 2009, the first Museum Night was organised in Estonia. Since then, this magic night has been celebrated every year on a Saturday evening in May when nearly two hundred museums and memory institutions across Estonia open their doors until late night for free or a symbolic fee of 1 euro. Each year has been carried by a different motto, this year it was „Movement in the Night“. This motto was chosen because 2023 is the year of movement in Estonia, focussing on healthy lifestyle and moving habits. According to the organisers from the Estonian Museum Association, moving is a very versatile topic. Along with relation to sports, it has a number of other meanings – moving as travelling, moving as development and a journey towards your goals. During Museum Night all participating memory institutions strive to offer amusing and educating activities.

National Library of Estonia has taken part in this traditional event for many years already. This year we we organised a walking tour visiting the different sites of the National Library over years, guided by an art historian. In the library building visitors were engaged in activities suitable for our smaller-than-usual venue – a games evening featuring video games, chess, checkers and board games. Book yoga enjoyed a warm welcome.

The museum night 2023 in the National Library of Estonia was crowned by a literary disco with music related to literature.

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