31st January 2023

Meet the National Library of Serbia

In 2020, Slavic Reference Services (University of Illinois) in collaboration with IFLA National Library Section started a webinar titled Meet the National Libraries. The aim of the webinar is to emphasize the role and importance of national libraries.

The National Library of Serbia participated in the webinar on Thursday, January 19, and presented its most important features: catalogues, collections, services to users and librarians, preservation, digitization, projects, etc.

The webinar started with the short video featuring dr Vladimir Pištalo, Director of NLS who talked about the past, present and the future of the library. Video was created and edited by Nikola Vukanović (librarian).

The video was followed by three presentations:

  • Virtual Library of Serbia (presented by dr Ana Stevanović, senior librarian, Department of Serial Publications)
  • Collections and their Protection (presented by dr Vladan Trijić, Head of the Archeography Department)
  • Digital Collections, Library Available at the Click of a Mouse and User Services (presented by Tamara Butigan-Vučaj, Head of Digital Library Department).

The video is available on Slavic Reference Services YouTube channel on the following link:

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