Deutsche Nationalbibliothek / German National Library

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Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Deutscher Platz 1
04103 Leipzig

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main


+49 69 1525 1000



Frank Scholze


Building in Leipzig (1914-1916): Architect Oskar Pusch
First Annex to the building in Leipzig (1934-1936): Architects Oskar Pusch and Karl Julius Baer
Second Annex in Leipzig (1959-1963): Architecct Gerhart Helmer
Third Annex in Leipzig, Book tower (1976-1982): Architect Arnd Schultheiss
Forth Annex in Leipzig (2007-2011): Architect Gabriele Glöckler

Frankfurt am Main:
Building in Frankfurt am Main (1992-1996): Architects Mete Arat, Hans-Dieter Kaiser, Gisela Kaiser

Year founded


geisteswissenschaftlicher Lesesaal der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig

The German National Library is Germany’s central archival library. The GNL collects, documents as well as archives all printed publications and sound recordings issued in Germany since 1913 together with works that were compiled in German or national relation. Books, journals, CDs, records, maps, online publications – the GNL collect them all without exception, without bias and mot importantly, in its original form. The collection is supplemented by the holdings in the German Music Archive, the German Museum of Books and Writing and the German Exile Archive 1933–1945.



Restitution to the heirs of Heinrich Glanz

In June 2024, the German National Library was able to return a book belonging to Viennese publisher Heinrich Glanz to his heirs.

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