8th November 2023

International Conference “Social resilience and stronger professional networks as preconditions for peace”

The EKN Grant project consisted on organizing the international conference “Social resilience and stronger professional networks as  preconditions for peace”  (Chisinau, October 9-10, 2023) with the participants from the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, Germany, Ukraine, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia and Romania.

The Conference was held in a mixed format. There were 109 participants in total from which 85 were coming in person (35 librarians from the capital city Chisinau and from other cities of Moldova and 43 librarians from the National Library of the Republic of Moldova); 24 were participating online.

There were 6 guest speakers from the library area in person (3- Lithuania, 2- Latvia, 1- Romania) and 4 online international speakers (1- Germany, 3 – Ukraine, 1 – Romania). The National Library of the Republic of Moldova had 3 speakers. The Conference participants were greeted by the representatives of central authorities and international organizations.

The participants of the conference build stronger relationships among them and developed their acknowledgement of the crucial role a library should take nowadays. The conference was a great possibility to discuss the library modern issues and to emphasise the role of the library networks in hard time of the transition.


“I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference. Presentations and discussions among professionals were held at a highly professional level. At the same time, it was an opportunity for discussion of similar issues that libraries are facing in today’s context. They are very similar for us. The National Library of Latvia has a long-standing cooperation with the National Library of Moldova. Meeting and discussing important aspects of library work and making personal professional contacts was a great pleasure for me. I believe that working together, with each other’s help and advice, will enable us to move forward. I look forward to further cooperation.­­ The scale of the communication was important to me because it was professionally enriching, it gave me confidence in the common aspects that strengthen our ties.”
Ginta Zalcmane, Head of the Information Services and Interlibrary Loan Department, National Library of Latvia

“Warmest greetings to the esteemed colleagues at the National Library of Moldova” from  V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the invitation and are honored to have participated in the conference ‘Social resilience and stronger professional networks as preconditions for peace.’ This conference has proven to be an essential forum, fostering in-depth professional discussions on today’s pressing issues. We are deeply appreciative of the carefully selected theme for the conference, which enabled a meaningful and thorough exchange of insights and experiences on crucial topics among the participants. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to CENL for their steadfast and ongoing support of Ukrainian libraries. Their commitment is crucial in ensuring that the voices of Ukrainian librarians are heard within  the European library community”
Liudmyla Demianiuk, V.I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine, Head of the International Information and Foreign Relations Department

“The international conference was a gratifying event for me for several reasons. First, it is about coming back to physical gatherings of the scientific meetings, a fact that creates special situations for dialogue, professional exchange, and personal communication. Secondly, the conference brought together experts – participants from several countries, – which allowed having a platform of different experiences, and at the same of current and pressing issues of the library activity. The subjects of the communications were presented in a global, but also at regional, and multidisciplinary context: partnerships of libraries and professional associations during the times of crisis, ways to increase institutional and librarian resilience, augmenting the info-documentary identity of the library, etc. I believe that the conference was also a pathway to set up some fruitful collaboration for the future.”
Ludmila Corghenci, Head of the continuing professional training center, National Library of the Republic of Moldova

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Scientific Library of Balti University “Alecu Ruisso” (Moldova)


Women’s Law Center (Moldova)


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