6th December 2022

Collaboration of Lithuanian and Moldavian librarians

On November 23-25, 2022 there was organized an online training for members of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova and members of the Librarians League  of Moldova. The aim of the training was to share the experience of Lithuanian librarians in professional and cultural fields.

Cultural objects representing the life of contemporary and historical Lithuania was presented to Moldovan librarians, in connection with the use of Creative Commons licenses.  The participants learned the principles of works of national heritage portal Epaveldas, Lithuanian state policy regarding digitization, management of digitization projects, digitizing and digitization of Lithuanian libraries, principles of digitizing of cultural heritage 3D objects and other aspects.

The event is helping to develop the knowledge of Lithuanian cultural life in Moldova, contribute to the creation of information services for modern society, using Lithuanian experience and providing access to digital and digitized documents representing the cultural heritage of both countries.

The trainings were conducted by Lithuanian experts – Jolita Steponaitienė, director of the Information Resources Department of the National Martynas Mažvydas Library, and Dovilė Ivanovienė, head of the Information Processes Division.

More than 75 Moldovan librarians participated in the event (university libraries, district public libraries, national libraries, specialized libraries, college libraries). The event was supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Moldova.

Project organizer – Mariana Kiriakov, section of international relations and managerial support, National Library of the Republic of Moldova.

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