1st September 2022

CENL – Meetings and more

Summer vacation season is gradually coming to an end. Mailboxes are filling up again, and Fall is just around the corner with a series of meetings and more.
The CENL Secretariat is already warming up. Besides the routine tasks such as publishing this newsletter, there will be a lot to do:
In mid-September, the newly installed FEP-CENL Dialogue Forum will meet at the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main. Two weeks later, the CENL Executive Committee comes together locally for the first time in the current term. The group will meet on September 28, also at the German National Library in Frankfurt. And on the following day, the French-German Meeting on Copyrighted Works in Digital Libraries – a subgroup of the FEP-CENL Dialogue Forum – will take place in Frankfurt, too.
Meetings and events are not the only tasks the secretariat is preparing for. As members may know, the term of the CENL Network Groups will end this year. The existing three network groups will have to (re-)apply provided they want to continue their work. And maybe, CENL members have ideas for new network groups. In that case they will also be able to apply for. The application process will be opened in October.
And great events cast their shadows ahead: The next Annual General Meeting will take place 18 – 20 June 2023 at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris. CENL members are kindly asked to save that date. Our host started already planning. More information on the event will follow in due time. Please be sure to check the next newsletters for it.
(Photo: DNB, Stephan Jockel)

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