CENL Event

28th March 2023

Webinars for digital humanities researchers: Historical Newspapers in the Digital Age

Newspapers constitute a vast reservoir of knowledge about the past. Given the rich textual and visual documentation of events, people, places, organizations, etc. that they contain, they have long been a favourite source for humanities scholars. KBR launches a new series of Digital Heritage Seminars: Historical Newspapers in the Digital Age. The massive digitisation of historical newspapers in the past two decades has dramatically changed the ways in which researchers can make use of these sources. We showcase 3 research projects that have implemented digital tools in investigating different phenomena in corpora of digitised historical newspapers:

  • 30/03: Detection and Tracking of Events in Historical Press Documents – Guillaume Bernard (La Rochelle Université)
  • 25/05: Assessing Biases in Digitised Newspaper Collections – Kaspar Beelen (The Alan Turing Institute)
  • 15/06: Reliable Semantic Indexing of Historical Newspapers at Scale – Maud Ehrmann (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

These webinars are free, but please register beforehand.

View the agenda: https://www.kbr.be/en/agenda/