29th July 2022

Two more Erland Kolding Nielsen (EKN) grantees announced

This year’s round of applications for CENL’s Erland Kolding Nielsen Grant, for Hidden Stories Fund and Covid-19 Support Fund closed on 25 March. In its meeting in April, the Executive Committee reviewed all of the submissions and awarded one EKN Grant, one Covid-19 Support Fund and two Hidden Stories Funds. Two more EKN Grants were approved as regards content, provided, that the required budget can be made available. At the Annual General Meeting in Ankara in June 2022, the Board of Directors decided on a supplementary budget and made 10.000 EUR available to fund the two additional EKN proposals.

We are delighted to announce that the applications of these national libraries were successful:

  • National Library of Bulgaria: Their project aims to realise an exhibition “Wealth of color and tradition”. In challenging times, we look at what connects us – culture, tradition, customs. The National Libraries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro, and Serbia and Romania have an abundance of albums, photographs, sketches and illustrations of traditional costumes and embroidery of the region. Each library contributes digital objects for a common exhibition, illustrating the richness and color of these traditional elements. The exibition will be opened in Sofia in November 2022 with representatives from each country and the respective embassies.
  • National Library of Lithuania: The National Library seeks to spread the message about benefits of early reading to as much broad audience as possible: librarians, educators, and parents. In their project, a forum will be realised devoted specifically to early reading. Professional reports as well as discussions and educational activities for parents and specialists will be given and recorded in order to make them publicly available later on.

Reports from each project will be available on the CENL website after completion.

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