29th November 2023

New Digital Library of Latvia brings together cultural heritage, knowledge, stories and people

The new Digital Library of Latvia provides access to images, documents, periodicals, books, maps, museum objects, paintings, sheet music, films, audio and video recordings collected by Latvia’s archives, museums, libraries, organizations, communities and individuals.

The Digital Library of Latvia brings together content from over 500 partner collections from Latvia and around the world. Anyone can search and find answers on any topic within the content of over 3.8 million digital objects in the Digital Library of Latvia.

The National Library of Latvia incorporates digital content in the Digital Library and manages the Digital Cultural Heritage platform. From 2017 to 2022, the National Library of Latvia, together with the National Archives of Latvia, the National Cultural Heritage Board and the Cultural Information Systems Centre implemented projects titled: “Digitization of Cultural Heritage Content (Phase 1)” and “Digitization of Cultural Heritage Content (Phase 2)”, which resulted in the development of the Digital Library.

The Digital Library of Latvia plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of the Latvia state and culture and makes a paths towards the Common European data space for cultural heritage.

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