1st March 2024

The National Reading Day at the National Library of the Republic of Moldova

As part of this initiative, the institution carried out a public reading program “Reading the stories of Queen Mary of Romania”, promoting human values through stories together with Elena Pintilei, General director of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, Iulian Filip, Doctor of philology, poet, play writer and high school students from the municipality of Chisinau.

There was made an event dedicated to reading with the participation of Bob Eckhart, Fulbright scholar  – “Read Out Loud Day”.  During the contest “Guess the Book”, the participants were involved in a fun and educational game to guess the titles of the books read, while also encouraging students to read, telling how reading has had a positive impact on his/her own life.

Another unique event organized was a musical-poetic evening within the “Poet and Music” Music Salon in collaboration with the National Philharmonic “Serghei Lunchevici” and the Union of Musicians from Moldova, The artistic stages were presented by composers, actors, poets, performers; the poems by famous classical and contemporary writers were interpreted and recited.

There were as well launched the books:  “Dimitrie Cantemir. Opere. Despre numele antice și de astăzi ale Moldovei. Istoria moldo-vlahică. Viaţa lui Constantin Cantemir, zis cel Bătrân, Domnul Moldovei”, authors Andrei and Valentina EȘANU and “Aventura spectaculosa a scrisului“, authors Veronica Cosovan and Tatiana Grusco; the books will contribute to the development of common culture, to the discovery of interesting things from the history of the country, but also of the history of the book, the process of writing and writing tools.

On the occasion of the National Reading Day, the seventh edition of the National Program LecturaCentral, with the title “Promoting European values through reading” was launched. As part of inaugural event, there was organized a conference “We are what we read” with Oleg Serebrian, writer, historian, politician, diplomat. He emphasized the role of reading in the development of personality and of the society.

The 7th edition of the LecturaCentral National Program will do during the year a series of activities to ensure the methodological-practical support for the libraries, the training of the necessary skills and competencies of the librarians, necessary for involvement in the achievement of the specific objectives of the Program.

The LecturaCentral Program will focus on the organization of educational and cultural activities to inform the community members about the values and principles of the European Union in collaboration with specialists from various fields, but also with the involvement of specialized staff from the libraries of the National Library System; there will be also made the methodological conferences in 4 territorial areas of the Republic of Moldova.

There will be organized and coordinated as well activities directly related to user involvement: carrying out the Campaign “20 writers and researchers / 20 meetings” for  promoting the national literary heritage, as part of the European heritage; the organization of public lessons, with the involvement of experts from various fields, focused on the knowledge of European values; the Campaign “No day without reading during the month of September”, dedicated to the knowledge and promotion of European values through reading; the organization of national contests regarding the promotion of books and reading in libraries in terms of knowledge of European values; the implementation of the “Reading Unites Us” initiative; organizing the mobile summer camp with the involvement of active readers, aged 16-18, in order to attract young people to promote European values through the volunteering activities; organizing the 6th edition of the International Conference “Reading as a basis for culture, knowledge and development”.

On the occasion of Grigore Vieru’s commemoration day, the exhibition “Tribute to the poet of peace Grigore Vieru” was made; it highlighted the work of the poet who portrays the childhood, the restlessness, endurance of absolute love, parent’s home, but also the topic of peace.


Program of the events



Exhibition dedicated to the poet Grigore Vieru


Conference with Oleg Serebrean


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Musical evening


Foto Musical Evening


Book launching



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