17th March 2022

The National Library of the Republic of Moldova joined the Safer Internet Day 2022 initiative

The National Library of the Republic of Moldova (NLRM) has marked the Safer Internet Day from 8 till 17 February, 2022. https://tinyurl.com/499phcbb

“For many years, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova has been supporting the international campaign to promote Internet Security, organizing various activities and events, interactive sessions, exhibitions, etc. The novelty of this edition, initiated by the Pro-European Center in partnership with the National Digitization Center (divisions of NLRM), is the reaching an extremely important and nowadays topic, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order  to promote and popularize knowledge about AI among young people and the general public”, mentioned the general director of NLRM, Elena Pintilei.

As part of the 19th edition of the international initiative Safer Internet Day (SID), and within the NLRM user skills development service “European information for all”, the National Library of  Moldova organized a series of events designed for different types of users, such as:

  • public lecture for librarians, teachers and the general public
  • Interactive lessons for school students
  • Interactive session for university students

“Under the umbrella of the SID motto: “Together for a safer Internet” we have united different target groups and the general interested public with well-known experts in this field. We are honored by the participation of experts from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Austria, from different areas of activity and areas of expertise as follow: international expert in open data and AI; librarian / trainer in media education; TV journalist / journalism lecturer; legal expert and expert in digital business / cyber security, each having in their professional activity relatedness with the Artificial Intelligence” said Natalia Gulco, head of the Pro-European Center of NLRM.

On February 10, 2022  NLRM has made a public lecture on the topic  “Artificial Intelligence for all” with  Veronica Cretu, expert, co-chair of the National Committee for Open Government on Civil Society, member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) of the Council of Europe (2019- 2021).The presenter spoke about the types of Artificial Intelligence, use of Artificial Intelligence systems and challenges in accepting the Artificial Intelligence.

The audience and participants of the public lesson (both those connected in ZOOM and those who watched the LIVE broadcast on the YouTube channel of BNRM https://youtu.be/SKaXtOJy9zE) gained knowledge about the implications of technologies based on artificial intelligence and the benefits / risks of using intelligence technologies.

The rhetorical question “How does AI change / transform libraries?” posed by the expert to the library community, has started a new discussion  and remained an open topic. The participants will do their own researches to find different connections with the field of AI, identifying activities and planning future priorities in this field.

See more about the event:

During the Interactive sessions for school students on the topic „Things you need to know about artificial intelligence”, organized on February 9 and 17, 2022, led by Ana Sârbu – journalist, TV Journalism lecturer and on the topic “Informational chaos and artificial intelligence”  by Diana Silivestru –  the head of the National Digitization Center of the National Library Moldova, trainer in the field of media education, the participants have learned how to navigate more safely  in the online environment. Students were actively involved in discussions and learned more about the threats and risks of AI; the myths about AI; the potential / possibilities that AI can offer us in the IT century.

On February 9 and 16, 2022 there have been  organized the Interactive sessions for university students on the topic „10 Things You May Not Know About Artificial Intelligence”, with Ilie Chirtoacă, expert, Law Resource  Center, author of the publication “Artificial Intelligence and the role of civil society actors” and on the topic “The future of (artificial) intelligence – opportunities, risks and solutions” with Anda Bologa – affiliated expert in cyber security and data confidentiality at the European Expertise Center “Europuls”. The participants became familiar with the new issues regarding the applicability of Artificial Intelligence and European and international regulatory frameworks.

As a result of taking part of the National Library of Moldova in the initiative the Safer Internet Day, 2022 edition, about the online security and opportunities / risks of the Artificial Intelligence were informed 28,000 people, of which 650 people were the participants connected directly / indirectly, and another 27,760 were views obtained through NLRM ‘s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Infographic: https://tinyurl.com/2etsh6v5

The next edition of the “Internet Security Day” initiative will be a special one – it will be the 20th anniversary of the initiative, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. We will join the event under “Together for a better Internet” slogan again.

Taking into account the experience of the 2022 edition, the organizers have drawn some conclusions and came up with the following suggestions and proposals:

  • The topic was of great interest and considered to be very up-to-date by the participating public;
  • Well-known experts have been identified and invited to conduct the activities – we aim to continue work with the, as well as with others, who have shown interest for other future actions and initiatives;
  • The model of having online lessons with live broadcast on the official institutional YouTube channel is increasing the number of public, thus ensuring a greater access for people to post-event activities;
  • It was found that the duration of one hour for the interactive activities online, through the Zoom application was insufficient. In this context, some recommendations and suggestions for the next edition are taken into account. We intend to expand some topics of interest by organizing a series of sessions on various topics and / or on other components / compartments of common interests.