7th September 2022

The National Library of the Republic of Moldova – an identity institution of the state: The launching of the anniversary editions

Among the events dedicated to 190th anniversary of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova there was a special event for the librarian guild, and as well as for other specialists from the adjacent fields – the launch of the anniversary editions under the generic title: “The National Library of the Republic of Moldova – an identity institution of the state”. During the event there was launched  the anniversary edition of Magazin Bibliologic, the professional magazine which was first edited in 1991, having the memorable significance for the history of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova (NLRM). The special edition has gathered the articles that reflect the most important achievements during the last five years of activity of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova. Available on traditional and on electronic format, indexed by the National Register of the Scientific Journals “The National Bibliometric Tool”, the journal represents a platform for professional connections regarding researches, exchange of ideas, experiences and quality practices in librarianship field.

Another launched edition was the anniversary monograph “The National Library of the Republic of Moldova – identity dimension of the country: 190 years since its foundation and three decades since the award of the status of a national library”. Elena Pintilei, the General Director of NLRM, has mentioned that “…most of the materials included are signed by the strategic managers of the Library, with many years of activity in the institution, who know in depth the changes, throughout the years of strengthening the statutory responsibilities of the National Library”. In this sense, the content of the monograph highlights the strategic directions of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, as well as other professional aspects at the national level, such as the Strategic Model of the National Library System, an idea found in the first article of the monograph, signed by Elena Pintilei, General Director and Vera Osoianu, Deputy Director.

Equally important is the article “The winning strategies for the National Library System”, signed by Ludmila Corghenci, head of the [training] center and Svetlana Barbei, main specialist, which reflects the main directions of NLRM’s activity in support of the national library system, according to the provisions of the Law on libraries (no. 160 from 20.07.2017). The services, products, programs and projects implemented by the NLRM aim to make the operation process of libraries in the Republic of Moldova more efficient.

The functional aspect of the library as a memory keeper, as well as function of cooperation and collaboration between the libraries, museums and archives represents a continuous foundation of development and sustainability over the time.

The digital approach is as well positioned as one of the priority directions of the Library, thus the article signed by Diana Silivestru “The National Digital Library “Moldavica” – a component part of the European Library project” comes to argue the necessity and efforts made to create the digital intellectual product. The online environment, through which the library communicates with users and promotes services and information products, is equally important as the way of communication and repositioning of the Library’s role in the virtual space.

The article “The National Library of the Republic of Moldova – three decades in the virtual space” reveals the stages of the various complex phases that contributed to the process of computerization, automation and Internet access are reflected in the article signed by Veronica Bors, Deputy Director.

The diversification of services is an aspect that requires continuous adaptation to the changes taking place in society and it is a priority for the National Library to align itself with these changes and forecast eventual services in accordance with society’s needs.

The professional component of the specialized staff within the NLRM, and within the National Library System, falls into one of the librarianship functions as a priority, including the directions for continuous professional training.

These two editions launched on August 24, 2022 represent important identity elements of the NLRM, which have been affirmed during these three decades and which strengthen the status of a National Library.

Link to the anniversary edition of Magazin Biblilogic: http://bnrm.md/files/publicatii/MB_3_2022.pdf

Link to the anniversary book: http://bnrm.md/files/publicatii/Biblioteca-dimensiune.pdf

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