11th January 2023

The National Library of Luxembourg (BnL) in the process of transformation – completed projects and a look into the future

The BnL has finalised five projects as part of its 2020-2030 vision. This vision gives the library a direction in its strategic objectives and guides it in the execution of its tasks and projects.  The 5 projects ensure easy access to the collections and optimise the use of its services and research tools. The BnL aims to increase the autonomy of its readers and to guarantee them optimal flexibility in all their activities:

  1. From ALEPH to ALMA – Migration to a new integrated library management system
  2. bnl.lu – a new website in 4 languages
  3. Extension of opening hours
  4. New digitised and born-digital documents on the eluxemburgensia.lu portal
  5. Online registration at the BnL


1. ALMA – Migration to a new integrated library management system

The National Library of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Centre des technologies de l’information de l’État (CTIE) and the national network of Luxembourg libraries bibnet.lu, has migrated the library management system called ALMA, which allows more than 80 libraries in Luxembourg to optimise their library data management and which offers more efficient documentary research tools.

Benefits of the new platform:

  • More autonomy for business experts
  • New architecture
  • Security
  • Cloud – continuous update

Prospects for the new system:

  • Extension of the library network
  • Customisation of search interfaces
  • Technological openings (API IDP ….) -> development of mobile applications to facilitate book flow
  • Course management (Uni.lu)
  • Digital loan (Borrowing of digital books)


2. Redesign of the bnl.lu website

The BnL has just launched its new website www.bnl.lu. It is accessible in French, Luxembourgish, German and English. Currently, the BnL is the first and only cultural government institution to offer a website in 4 languages, including Luxembourgish. As the national library and guardian of the written heritage, it is important for the BnL to promote the Luxembourgish language while remaining as inclusive as possible.

The BnL has opted for an uncluttered, simple and clear site with seven menu items that contain the main information needed by current or future users.

The website provides information on how the BnL works and shows how to make the most of its services. Users can also read articles written by BnL staff on a specific subject related to the collections (“Documents in the spotlight“). In addition, there are monthly staff picks and commented reading lists.

The online shop offers a selection of publications (exhibition catalogues and reference works) published by the BnL and available for purchase.

The website www.bnl.lu works on all media and meets the accessibility criteria set by the European Parliament’s Directive (EU) 2016/2102. It was created in collaboration with the State Information Technology Centre (CTIE).

In addition to increased accessibility, the BnL’s desire for transparency is also evident in its procedures, regulations and charters, as well as in the visibility of contact persons. The site includes a directory showing the entire staff and their contact data.


3. Extension of opening hours

From 2 January 2023, the Reading Room will also be open on Mondays from 14.00 to 20.00. By also opening the Reading Room on Mondays, the public will be able to use BnL premises every working day. The Reception, Loans and Information desks will stay closed, but the following services will be available on Mondays from 14.00 to 20.00: automatic return and borrowing of documents stored in the Reading Room, access to Reading Room documents, reservation of carrels, audio booths and the Music Room, access to copiers, cloakrooms and toilets. Reference services will operate via e-mail.

Opening hours from 2 January 2023

Reading Room and Media Centre

Monday from 14.00 to 20.00

Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 20.00

Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00

Reception, Loans and Information desks

Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00

Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00


4. New digitised and born-digital documents on eluxemburgensia

The BnL has just published on the eluxemburgensia.lu portal, a selection of STATEC (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) publications from 1902 to 2005. A total of 49,052 pages / 596 STATEC documents are now available free of charge.

The BnL intends to digitise all monographs and periodicals in the Luxembourg collection by 2030. Currently, 505 digitised works are accessible online via eluxemburgensia.lu and a-z.lu. By the end of 2023, a total of 7,015 publications will be added to these and by the end of 2024, 13,264 books will complete this documentary offer. By the end of 2024, 406,318 pages of Luxembourg periodicals will be available online.


5. Registration at the BnL via MyGuichet.lu

Since Monday 12 December 2022, users can join the library online via the MyGuichet.lu portal. MyGuichet.lu brings together in one place a multitude of online services of the Luxembourg State. Registration via MyGuichet.lu was made possible in the spirit of administrative simplification and reflects the BnL’s desire to digitalise and make its public services as flexible as possible. Other procedures accessible via MyGuichet.lu already include requesting photographic reproduction of documents, requesting ISBN, ISSN and ISMN numbers and declaring a legal deposit.

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