24th May 2021

The National Library of Finland’ 2021-2030 Strategy

The National Library’s strategy for 2021–2030 strongly supports the Ministry of Education and Culture’s goal of serving individuals and society through education, competence, science and technology. Our collective memory as a nation is a resource upon which we build. 
The National Library has impact on society and research through its unique collections and online services.

Openness increases equality

The main duty of the National Library is to preserve printed publications and increasingly also electronic materials. The new strategy period will see the National Library increase its efforts to promote equality in Finland by enhancing its services. We support lifelong learning and Bildung by being actively involved in creating a digital culture of openness and by promoting open science.

“We promote open science and the openness of materials and services. Openness should be prioritised when aiming to reduce inequality in society. These are all ways of strengthening learning and Bildung in addition to science,” says National Librarian, Professor Cecilia af Forselles at the National Library of Finland. “We learn all our lives. Our hobbies also create a constant need for knowledge and discovering new things. Our central goal at the National Library is to strengthen the knowledge base of Finnish society. Our contribution to learning, research, citizen science and the availability of information is significant.”

Sustainable development and cultural diversity

In the future, the principles of sustainable development, cultural diversity and multilingualism will be emphasised at the National Library. “The National Library in itself promotes cultural sustainability, but we also aim to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Cecilia af Forselles. Multiculturalism will also be visible in the library’s services. For example, the availability of Sámi people’s cultural heritage will be increased at the National Library in the coming years.

Virtual access to unique treasures

The use of online services will increase in all areas of life, and the National Library has also systematically developed its online services so as to provide access to both the library’s own materials and those of cultural heritage institutions online. The rapid development of technology calls for a proactive approach and sensitivity to identify development needs. The future is looking very positive. Research and cultural heritage institutions are already making their materials widely available, and we will continue to develop our expertise and innovative solutions even further,” says Service Director Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen.

The services and materials of the National Library of Finland provide excellent conditions for high-quality research. The number of research projects in which the National Library’s unique collections are used is set to increase. ”The National Library’s materials will be taking more diverse forms in the future. Our wealth of materials and digital services will serve research that can provide answers to social issues, improve our understanding of human activities and develop new research methods,” says Service Director Johanna Lilja.

National Library’s strategic choices and development areas 2021–2030

I Cultural heritage for the common good
II National Library at the heart of the academic community
III National Library as a resource of Bildung and learning
IV Creating a powerful hub of expertise through network cooperation



Further information

Cecilia af Forselles, Professor, National Librarian