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2nd July 2024

The International Scientific Symposium “Bibliophile Values” at the National Library of the Republic of Moldova

On June 13, 2024, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova organized the International Scientific Symposium “Bibliophile Values”, which reached its 33rd edition. The event was a tribute to the priest Dr. Avva Paul Mihail, made 30 years after his passing into eternity. The distinguished priest and historian Paul Mihail has been a constituent of the generation of Bassarabian scholars who experienced hardship for the destiny of Bassarabia. He is the first Romanian who went on a study trip to South-Eastern European countries, as a result of which he brought out of anonymity 1300 charters, governing acts, gramotes and other documents, mainly in Romanian. Besides that, Paul Mihail had a substantial contribution for the evacuation of the cultural heritage to Romania during the Second World War from the collections of the first church museum in Bassarabia.

There were about 60 people participating in the event and 14 communications presented. The historical researchers, priests, museographers, librarians, deputies, ethnographers and archivists from the Republic of Moldova and from Iasi (Romania) discussed about Paul Mihail. The communications concerned: the contribution of the priest Paul Mihail to the establishment of the first church – historical museum on the East of the Prut river during the interwar period; the donations of books and documents that he and his daughter Zamfira Mihail made to the libraries, archives and individuals from Romania and the Republic of Moldova; the research of his publishing activity; the personal experiences of the speakers with the distinguished honoree.

By holding the intellectual forum dedicated to Paul Mihail, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova promoted not only the written cultural heritage of the country, but also the famous personalities for the country’s culture. At the same time, the International Symposium “Bibliophile Values” contributed to the development of intercultural dialogue between institutions holding the heritage collections, both within the country and from abroad.




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