CENL Event

14th October 2019

The first 100 years of the NSK Graphic Collection

19 September – 3 November 2019    

The beauty line, the trail of inspiration

The first 100 years of the Graphic Collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

The centenary of its founding is an opportunity for the Graphic Collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb to be presented to the general public with a large exhibition. Since 1919 she has collected valuable and interesting material – drawings, prints, graphic maps, posters and postcards.

The thematic presentation of the fund is inspired by the ability to think about ideas, symbols and metaphors – the ubiquitous human inspiration – which, now neglecting the time of origin, style, technique, type and dimensions, has combined the material into new entities, illustrating the totality of human existence and creation. 

The graphic collection lives in a library, surrounded by words. In the exhibition of the theme of nature, the human body, thoughts and ideas, the rhythm of life of everyday life, or those abstract ones that are liberated by the independence of the line, color and surface, will be supported by quotations and numerous interesting things. The units thus brought to life, now made up of works in differently placed relationships, sometimes completely unexpectedly create new conclusions and insights.

By comparing artistic creations within particular themes, it is possible to see changes in expression, form, opinion, artistic desire. We will show an exciting line of change within artistic creation, thus enriching the image of the world around us.

For further information, Klovićevi Dvori Gallery