16th November 2022

The BnF 2022 Prize awarded to Pierre Michon

On Monday 3 October, the 13th BnF Prize was awarded to Pierre Michon. Considered as one of the greatest contemporary French writers, this follower of Hugo, Flaubert, Rimbaud or Faulkner has dedicated his life to literature and shown, in about fifteen works, the power of a precious and rare language that perpetuates the memory of forgotten or disappeared figures and places.

Photo: Pierre Michon © Jean-Luc Bertini D.R.

Studied today in classrooms and the focus of university research, his texts explore his relationship with creation, both in painting (Maîtres et serviteurs, Le Roi du bois, Les Onze, which won the Grand Prix de l’Académie française in 2009) and in literature (Rimbaud le fils, Trois auteurs, Corps du roi, etc.) through short stories with.


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