CENL Event

15th March 2021

Swiss National Library: An exhibition on libraries and sharing

Would sharing be the new possession? We rent our private apartment to holidaymakers. Let’s use our car as a taxi. We post texts and images on social media. Our daily life is full of new forms of sharing that promise an economical and sustainable living together. Sharing is Caring. But in this coming and going, altruism meets selfishness. What raises questions: what do we share? And what do we keep for ourselves?

For 125 years, the National Library has been sharing published knowledge about Switzerland. The exhibition organized in the year of his birthday offers a behind-the-scenes look at the library. What are the benefits of sharing? What are the pitfalls? Between old and new forms of living together, we must negotiate how we intend to share our knowledge.

Sharing is an intimate act. From sofa to apartment to friendship, from money to love to time: everything can be shared on online platforms. Sharing economy makes sharing an economic model. The private sphere merges with the professional world. For example, crowdfunding: the community finances a project.

Visit the exhibition online: www.nationalbibliothek.ch

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