#StandWithUkraine – Poland

Information, online support and telephone hotlines

The main government website for Ukrainian war refugees (in Ukrainian): https://www.gov.pl/web/ua

24-hour Assistance Line in Ukrainian, Russian and English by phone: +48 222 309 900

All Ukrainian citizens arriving to Poland on February 24 and later have right to a shelter, free medical services, free education, free legal support and may work in Poland with no need to obtain a work permit for a foreigner. Information on particular subjects is available:

Medical matters:



Housing provided by the state in all 16 voivodeships of Poland:


Legal aid:




Higher education and research activities:


Labor market:


Information on social benefits:


Hotline of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy for Ukrainians – 19524

Telephone hotlines:

Ukrainian House Hotline for people from Ukraine +48 727 805 764

Warsaw Hotline for Ukrainian citizens +48 505 700 701

Ukraine citizens may travel on some of trains free of charge. Phone hotline of the State Railway (available 7 days, 8AM to 8PM)

+48 22 473 00 86 (cost of a local call) and 800 033 022 (free hotline for all Polish network operators)

Free COVID-19 vaccination available to anyone over the age of 5 years


Support and solidarity by Polish Libraries (most of the links contain info in Polish)



Site #SolidarnizUkrainą (#SolidaritywithUkraine website) created by an employee of the National Library of Poland. Many helpful links, materials, information and books in Ukrainian: https://lustrobiblioteki.pl/solidarnizukraina/

A list of government materials – useful information and guides have been gathered to help refugees find their way in Poland: https://lustrobiblioteki.pl/solidarnizukraina/materialy-gov-pl/

Action “Give a book to Ukrainian children” under patronage of the National Library of Poland

Action “Heart for Ukraine” (showing support in local libraries by public display of a ‘heart’ symbol)  https://lustrobiblioteki.pl/tag/serce-dla-ukrainy/

For Ukraine (Dla Ukrainy), Ministry of Culture and National Heritage website https://www.gov.pl/web/kultura/pomoc-dla-ukrainy

#PomagamUkrainie – nationwide website https://pomagamukrainie.gov.pl/

Links to free online resources in Ukrainian https://lustrobiblioteki.pl/solidarnizukraina/ksiazki-w-jezyku-ukrainskim/