11th April 2022

#StandWithUkraine: Network for the Protection of Cultural Property in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is an existential threat to millions of Ukrainian people and a danger for numerous Ukrainian cultural heritage items as well. In order to protect them and to coordinate aid efforts better, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) has set up the Network for the Protection of Cultural Property in Ukraine. The Network collects information on the cultural situation and the local stakeholders, and it coordinates the aid efforts for cultural heritage items.

ICOM Germany serves as the network’s headquarters and as a hub for museums. The German National Library serve as the hub for libraries in close collaboration with the Berlin State Library and the Coordination Office for the Preservation of Written Cultural Heritage (KEK). While the Berlin State Library collects requests for help from Ukrainian libraries, the German National Library compiles specific support measures of German libraries, available at kulturgutschutzukraine@dnb.de.

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