3rd November 2022

Project “System for Identifying, Managing and Presenting Heritage Collections”

The National and University Library in Zagreb, with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, launched the first phase of the project System for identifying, managing and presenting heritage collections (Sustav za identificiranje, upravljanje i predstavljanje baštinskih zbirki).

In order to build a complete national system of heritage collections, in the first phase, the National and University Library in Zagreb has started constructing the part of the system that will serve as a prototype and will enable identification, creation of metadata (according to the defined model for the description of collections of heritage materials) and their presentation with the purpose of better leading, analyzing and improving the status of collections and libraries. The introduction of description at the collection level is the first step towards overcoming the unprocessed or insufficiently processed material, weak presence in the network environment as well as improving the protection, preservation and use of material collections created before 1850.

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