5th April 2023

Open education week at the National Library of the Republic of Moldova

March 6-10, 2023

The National Library of the Republic of Moldova (NLRM) has the uplift role for the organization of the Open Education Week (OEW) in the Republic of Moldova – open collaborative forum, created for the support and development of open and democratic communities, launched in 2012 by the Open Education Global consortium.

The 2023 edition (March 6-10, 2023) of the OEW NLRM aimed to adapt the continuous training of library staff to the real situations and find new ways to widen the access to education for all; to streamline the use of opportunities offered by open educational resources, open educational platforms and practices. Another goal was to amplify the role of the librarian in the community as a trainer, promoter and encourager of open educational resources, open platforms of learning and open educational practices, having as beneficiary the specialized staff from the National Library System (national, public, educational, specialized libraries). We also emphasize the fact that the Open Education Week program was well thought out and analyzed, with the approval of the Library’s Scientific Council.

The OED NLRM included several activities: document exhibitions on open education, conferences and sessions, workshops and other educational events. There was a special event organized during the OEW – Festivity of the Trainers of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, through which the people who trained librarians in an open educational process during 2022 were honored.

The impact indicators of the OEW, organized by the National Library of the Republic of Moldova on March 6-10, 2023, reflect the increase of awareness and confidence in the innovative successes of open education at the national level. Thus, 6 activities carried out within the OEW which attracted 285 trainees from various types of libraries – national, university, school, territorial, etc.; the activities were focused on three ways in which open education is achieved: open educational platforms, online learning platforms and open educational practices; there was created and disseminated OEW e-Portfolio (it integrates expert/trainer materials, descriptions and contacts of open educational resources, online courses and other useful materials).

We also mention the permanent coverage of the OEW progress on the NLRM website (www.bnrm.md), on social networks https://www.facebook.com/BibliotecaNationala/, https://www.facebook.com/cfpc.bnrm/, as well as on the Open Education Week global consortium page.


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