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14th November 2022

New Exhibition: “The Rankin Files”

A new National Library of Scotland display “The Rankin Files” is now open and runs until 29 April 2023.

Ian Rankin, a crime writer of international literary success and renown –  donated his extensive archive to the Library in 2019 and this free exhibition provides a taste of the archive, as well as an insight into the mind of the writer.

“For more than 30 years, Detective Inspector Rebus and other recurring major characters have captured the minds of millions around the world. Rankin enjoys a loyal following of people who are in love with his version of Edinburgh. The sense of place he has created is profound – anecdotally, we know many readers feel they have an intimate knowledge of the city without ever having been here.

The world of Rebus and other characters had their genesis in the Library’s reading rooms, and it makes it all the more fitting – and thrilling – that documents chronicling decades of this writer’s thought processes are back home at the Library. We look forward to sharing some of the highlights on display.”
Dr Colin McIlroy, Manuscripts Curator, National Library of Scotland


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