26th October 2020

New CENL Funds Grantees

Covid-19 & Hidden Stories Fund

In response to the issues that Covid-19 raised for the library community, the CENL Executive Committee created two new funds: the Covid-19 Support Fund and the Hidden Stories fund. These funds were formed to combat against the financial impact of Covid-19, in addition to further understand and delve into the historical social movement of Black Lives Matter. This historical movement presents the opportunity to challenge the way institutions have researched, collected and portrayed stories of the past.

The CENL Executive Committee is thrilled to announce that 4 CENL National Libraries have been approved for the Covid-19 Support Fund, along with 1 National Library also being approved for the Hidden Stories Fund. All grantees will be awarded the full grant of €2,500 to support their projects. 

Covid-19 Support Fund

Congratulations to the approved applicants!

National Library of Latvia

National Library of the Republic of Moldova

National and University Library in Zagreb

National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina   


The Covid-19 Support Fund enables each grantee to support a range of projects such as:

  • Additional Covid-19 costs: to cover extra costs connected to re-opening, such as staffing, equipment or training to prepare your reading rooms and buildings
  • Creative project: to explore innovate ways of working with digital methods to consider new and innovative ways to collaborate with CENL members or support your readers’ needs.


Hidden Stories Fund

Congratulations to the approved applicants!

National and University Library in Zagreb

“Rroma on the road / Rroma pe Droma” will be the first hidden stores project held by the national library.


The Hidden Stories Fund will allow the grantee to support a range of projects such as:

  • Acquisition of new collection items reflecting the experiences & stories of, or created by, underrepresented communities
  • Research projects to investigate existing and still unexplored collections related to or created by underrepresented communities
  • Production of digitised content (imaging, audio, video) reflecting the stories and experiences of underrepresented communities
  • Exhibition proposals curated in collaboration with underrepresented communities, showcasing their stories
  • Outreach and public engagement projects with local underrepresented communities to collect, preserve, research and highlight their stories
  • Programme of public events, by/with underrepresented communities, to highlight their stories


For further information on  our CENL grants visit our bursaries page.

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