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AI in Libraries Network Group

About this group

As artificial intelligence (AI) seems to change the ICT industry in general, AI will also influence the way libraries work both internally and as service providers to the patrons. The current understanding of the potential of AI for libraries seems yet low. The demand for better knowledge on the field is significant, on both short-term and concrete use of AI in libraries as well as the long-term long-term potential of the technology. This group will contribute to the general understanding of AI in libraries, and thus leverage the use of AI in libraries.

Practitioners on AI in libraries need to get together and share experience and knowledge. This group will establish arenas for sharing and collaboration. Such arenas include websites, GitHub repositories, seminars, meetings and more.

The group will establish a network of national libraries already involved in this transition, or willing to do so, and thus create a dynamic of exchange and sharing which will be beneficial and speed up the deployment of new technologies, including AI, in libraries.

The objective of this group will be:

  1. To leverage the use of AI through better understanding and use.
  2. To promote sharing, collaboration and standardisation on AI between institutions.
  3. To identify areas on AI of particular significance for libraries.

This topic is aligned with the CENL Strategy 2018-2022 priorities notably the first one for the training perspective, the second one for the innovative service implementation and the third one for the sharing of best practice.

Chair: Jean-Philippe Moreux, Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Treasurer: Svein Arne Brygfjeld, National Library of Norway

Secretary: Svein Arne Brygfjeld, National Library of Norway

Github organization: https://github.com/CENL-Network-Group-AI


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