8th July 2021

National library of the Netherlands receives CoreTrustSeal for its e-Depot

The e-Depot of the KB, the national library of the Netherlands, has been awarded the CoreTrustSeal for Trustworthy Data Repositories. The CoreTrustSeal offers an internationally recognized certification in the area of digital preservation. This certificate is an important recognition for all activities aimed at preserving the KB’s digital collections and keeping them accessible. It proves that the national library of the Netherlands adheres to the core level of requirements needed to sustain a trustworthy digital archive.

Lily Knibbeler, Director General of the KB states that receiving the certificate is an important milestone and also an encouragement: ‘Our digital collections are invaluable and should be accessible and usable for everyone, including future generations. To achieve this goal we are working consistently and transparently towards preservation of our collections. The CoreTrustSeal-certificate shows that we do this in a reliable way. This motivates us to keep improving ourselves in this area.’

The process of applying for CoreTrustSeal started in 2018 and the application was finally approved the 18th of June. As part of our application all relevant policy documents and procedures have been made publicly available on www.kb.nl/certification.

Further information:

If you would like to learn more, please contact Jeffrey van der Hoeven, head of the digital preservation department of the KB. Processing & Preservation Division | Koninklijke Bibliotheek (kb.nl)

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