23rd August 2023

National Library of Serbia publishing the collected works of Vladan Desnica

The National Library of Serbia has undertaken a significant project of publishing the collected works of Vladan Desnica, as part of its robust publishing efforts.

Vladan Desnica (17 September 1905 – 4 March 1967) was born into a Serbian Christian Orthodox family in Zadar. He pursued studies in law and philosophy in Zagreb and Paris, eventually graduating from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 1930. He worked as a lawyer before transitioning to the civil service. Additionally, he was a skilled translator, proficient in Italian, French and Russian. In 1934, he founded the literary and historical yearbook titled Magazin sjeverne Dalmacije.

The publication of Desnica’s literary works commenced with the release of Winter Vacation (2022), Pripovijetka (2022) and Ivan Galeb’s Spring (2023). Furthermore, the Library plans to publish another six books of his works. The editor in charge is Dr. Vladan Bajčeta.

In 2022, the Library established the Vladan Desnica Literary Award for the best novel written in the Serbian language, which is unique in that it is bestowed by writers upon their fellow writers.

The Vladan Desnica Award for the best novel in 2022 was presented to Goran Petrović for his work titled Ikonostas, published by Laguna.

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