16th April 2021

National Library of Latvia – Covid-19 Support Fund: Preventive measures for emergencies in NLL

The CENL Executive Committee announced in the last quarter of 2020, their plans to establish a new Covid-19 fund. The objective of this fund was to respond and provide funding to help CENL members immediately battle against challenges connected to Covid-19.

The National Library of Latvia successfully applied for the grant and therefore reported on their project: Preventive measures for emergencies in library – Risk preparedness/Emergency kits.

The project included the completion of 37 emergency preparedness kits for all NLL stocks, reading rooms, and exhibition areas that are now equipped with the most important saving and salvage materials. The overall aim was to strengthen, review and renew collection emergency preparedness for the NLL.

Project milestones were achieved such as; purchasing essential equipment, arranging equipment packaging, creating a descriptive list for the emergency kits in addition to placing them in strategic parts of the library, and lastly training staff.

For more information, take a look at our bursaries page for the full report.



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