13th August 2021

NLN Digital 2021 Conference Programme

Digital Conference Programme

National Libraries Now conference programme* 16-17 September 2021

All times are GMT+1

Day 1. Thursday 16th September 2021

8.45am    Welcome address

9.15am    Intervention: Nathan “Mudyi” Sentance

9.45am    Break

10am        Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 1. Understanding and Countering Bias (Chair: Wouter Bracke)

1.     Musa Baloyi-Sekese (National Library of South Africa), “Modernity and Decoloniality Options in National Libraries”

2.    Bart Buseyne (Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)), “Affirming the Formative  Bias of a National Library”

3.     Esther Scheven (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/German National Library), “Keeping Subject Indexing Up to Date as Times Go By – A Case Sample from the German National Library”

4.     T Stima, LT Mukucha, S Banda, and SY Nyambipo (National Library & Documentation Service/ National Free Library of Zimbabwe),  “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion”

5.    Raquel Ukeles (National Library of Israel), “Can a National Library Be Both Nationalist and Inclusive?”

Panel 2. International Approaches to Legal Deposit (Chair: Ann Van Camp)

    1.    Linda Arnold-Stratford (British Library), “The Trials and Tribulations of Digital Legal Deposit in a Lockdown”

2.          Amy Joseph (Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa National Library of New Zealand), “ Taking a More Curatorial Approach to Legal Deposit Collecting”

3.        Nicola Francesca Potgieter (National Library of South Africa), “Future Fit Processes for the Creation of Pre-Publication Metadata for Legal Deposit Material at the National Library of South Africa.”

11am        Break

11.15am    Q&A panel session

Panel 3. Collecting “National” Heritage (Chair: Fran Fuentes)

1.    Debbie Cox (British Library), “Countering the Notion of ‘the National Published Archive’”

2.    Bárbara Duranti and Andrés Boiero (Biblioteca Nacional Dr. Mariano Moreno de la República Argentina), “The National Library of the Argentine Republic: a Federal Policy for the Curation of its Collections”

3.    Ashwinee Pendharkar ( Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa National Library of New Zealand), “Learning From the Past, Learning For the Future: Establishing a New Curatorial Collection Area”

4.    Maia Simonishvili (The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia), “New Practices of Collection Development of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia”

12pm        Intervention: Gish Amit

12.30pm    Break

1pm        Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 4. National Bibliographies (Chair: Katya Rogatchevskaia)

1.       Mohammad Iranshahi (National Library and Archives of Iran (Islamic Republic of)), “Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) in the National Library of Iran”

2.       Tiziana Possemato (@Cult and Casalini Libri (Share-VDE initiative)), “Experience of International Cooperation: Towards a Collective and Global Catalog of National Bibliographies”

3.       Pat Riva (IFLA/Concordia University, Canada), “Insights from IFLA’s Register of National Bibliographies”

4.       Ann Van Camp (Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)), “Why Linked Open Data are Needed to Monitor Legal Deposit and Valorise the Bibliography of Belgium”

Panel 5. Literary Archives (Chair: Richard Price)

1.     Rachel Foss (British Library),  “The Group for Literary Archives and Manuscripts: A Model for National Collecting”

2.    Rosemary Hall (National Library of Scotland), “The Rankin Files: Curating a Modern Literary Archive at the National Library of Scotland”

3.    Jörn Hasenclever, Jesko Bender (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/German National Library), and Moritz Wagner (Swiss National Library), “Work in Progress – The Cataloguing of Ulrich Becher’s Estate in the National Libraries of Germany and Switzerland”

1.45pm    Break

2pm        Intervention: Khairani Barokka

2.30pm    Break

2.45pm    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 6. Multilingual Collections (Chair: Cecile Communal)

1.     Yvonne Jahns (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/German National Library), “Schneewittchen and Struwwelpeter – The Collection of Translations of German-language Works”

    2.    Valentina Mirabella, Sophie Defrance (British Library), Hannes Mangold (Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek/Swiss National Library), and Isabelle Le Pape (Bibliothèque nationale de France/National Library of France), “Acquiring and Using Multilingual Content in National Libraries: Sharing Experiences from Three European Countries”

3.    Laverne Page (Library of Congress, USA), “African Language Collections: Blogs, Research Guides and Other Resources at the Library of Congress”

Panel 7. Managing in the Pandemic (Chair: tbc)

1.    Chantal Cousins, Tasheka Parks, and Tracey-Ann Ricketts (National Library of Jamaica), “Chronicling COVID-19 for Posterity: The Jamaican Experience”

2.    BB Sonto Moleme and Chelsea Oregan (National Library of South Africa),  “COVID-19 Response: A South African Perspective for Libraries”

3.    Tahereh Yaghoobpour Nargesi, Hamideh Memari Hanji, and Hamid Reza Soltani Largani (National Library and Archives of Iran (Islamic Republic of)), “Passing the Crisis: Approach of Processing and Organizing Department of National Library of Iran in the Face of COVID-19”

3.45pm    Break

4.00pm    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 8. Born-Digital Literature (Chair: Ian Cooke)

1.       Carolina Gainza (Diego Portales University, Chile), “Building a Cartography of Latin American Digital Literature in Times of Technological Obsolescence”

2.    Dene Grigar (Washington State University, USA), “New Collection Spaces for Virtual Literary Art: The NEXT”

3.       James Pope and R. Lyle Skains (Bournemouth University, UK), ‘The New Media Writing Prize’

4.       Giulia Carla Rossi and Tegan Pyke (British Library), “Building the New Media Writing Prize Special Collection in the UK Web Archive”

Panel 9. Unlocking Digital Collections (Chair: Mahendra Mahey)

1.    Andreas Lenander Aegidius (The Royal Danish Library), “How Streamification Challenges the Royal Danish Library’s Collection of Cultural Heritage”

2.     Aquiles Alencar-Brayner (Universidade Federal do Cariri, Brazil), “Digital Curatorship at the National Library of Brazil”

3.    Morgane Ott and Sébastien Hermans (Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)), “Unlocking Mass Media Heritage Collections in and Beyond the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)”

4.    Simon Zetzsche and Ruprecht Langer (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/German National Library), “Access Music: The German Music Archive of the German National Library”

5pm        Closing address day 1

5.30pm    NLN2021 cafe: join our end-of-day meeting, bring a drink and chat informally, reflect on the day’s talks, and play along with a fun NLN2021 quiz

6pm        End

Day 2. Friday 17th September 2021

8.45am    Welcome address

9am        Intervention: D-M Withers

9.30am    Break

9.45am    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 10. Future Libraries (Chair: Allan Sudlow)

1.    Karin Grönvall and Eva-Lis Green (National Library of Sweden), “Reflections on a National Library Identity in Constant Change”

    2.    Tomáš Klimek (National Library of the Czech Republic),  “Changed Readers and Transforming Libraries or Transformed Libraries and Changing Readers?”

3.    Jessica Moran (Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa National Library of New Zealand), “Kua mua, ka muri: Using our Digital Curation Experience to Look Back and Move Forward at the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand”

 Panel 11. Exhibitions and Interpretation (Chair: tbc)

1.       Debbie Cox (British Library), “Exhibition Curation and the National Library Context: Lessons from Unfinished Business”

2.       Guy Hansen (National Library of Australia),  “Beyond the Reading Room: Exhibitions at the National Library of Australia”

3.       Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer (Royal Danish Library), “Blind Spots: Working with Images of the Former Danish West Indies Colony in the Collections of the Royal Danish Library

4.    Rebecca Tan (National Library Board, Singapore), “Every Librarian a Singapore Storyteller: Curating content via the National Library’s “A Librarian’s World” series”

10.30am    Break

10.45am    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 12. Sustainability (Chair: Maja Maricevic)

1.           Lydia Ayame Hiraide and Blerina Hashani (British Library), “Exploring the Relevant Role of National Libraries to the Climate Change and Sustainability Debates”

2.           Johanna Lilja (National Library of Finland), “Sustainable Digitising and its Controversies”

3.           Morgane Lirette and Graeme Bentley (British Library), “The British Library Green Network: A Year On”

Panel 13. Spotlight: Problem-Solving with Digital Tools (Chair: Nora McGregor)

1.           Piet Janssens and Fien Messens (Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)), “How to Visualize the Surface Structure of a 16th Century Copperplate?  A CORS-use Case of the Pixel+ Online Viewer and SCML-imaging”

2.           Makito Okumura (National Diet Library, Japan), “Curation Using Japan Search”

3.           Ramon Voges and André Wendler (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/German National Library), “The GND-Dashboard”

11.30am    Intervention: Sam van Schaik

12pm        Break

12.30pm    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 14. Co-operation Between Libraries (Chair: Liz White)

    1.    Eiman Alshamari (Qatar National Library), “The Power of Two: National/Public Libraries Guidelines During the International Crisis”

2.     Anastasia Dyatlovskaya and Tamara Ananova (Russian State Library), “Next Generation Libraries: from EGOsystems to ECOsystems”

3.    Lucinda Jones, Esther van Gelder (Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), National Library of the Netherlands), and Laura Shanahan (Library of Trinity College Dublin), “Unlocking the Fagel Collection”

4.    Sofija Klarin Zadravec, Karolina Holub, and Renata Petrušić (National and University Library in Zagreb), “National and Local Digital Collections Management: A Model”

Panel 15. Pivoting in the Pandemic (Chair: tbc)

1.    Gordana Gjorgievska-Nedelkovski (National institution- University library “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”-Bitola (North Macedonia)), “New Innovative Programs in a Time of Pandemic”

2.    BB Sonto Moleme and Anita Shaw (National Library of South Africa), “Implementation of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Project for the Digitisation of Heritage Collections at the National Library of South Africa”   

3.    Basheerhamad Shadrach (Commonwealth of Learning, Canada) and Premila Gamage (National Library of Sri Lanka), “National Libraries Reskilling People to Re-Enter the Labour Market During COVID-19 Times”

1.15pm    Break

1.30pm    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 16. Collaboration with Communities (Chair: Michael Erdman)

    1.    Isobel Clouter, Vicky Barnecutt, Rebekah Hayes (British Library), “True Echoes: Historical Research, International Collaboration and Digital Reconnection”

2.    Tom Derrick and Adi Keinan-Schoonbaert (British Library), “Two Centuries of Indian Print: Emerging Technologies and Collaborations”

3.    Maija Mäkikalli, Jonna Häkkilä, Suvi King (National Archives of Finland),  “Nuohtti—Digital Access to the Archives of the Sámi Cultural Heritage”

Panel 17. Wikimedia Residencies: Reflecting on Wikimedian Residencies in the GLAM sector, UK and Ireland (Chair: Stuart Prior)

1.    Jason Evans (National Library of Wales)

2.    Lucy Hinnie, and Stella Wisdom (British Library),

3.    Rebecca O’Neill (Wikimedia Community Ireland)

4.    Ruth Small (National Library of Scotland)

2.30pm    Break

2.45pm    Parallel Q&A panel sessions

Panel 18. Collections Research and Digital Humanities (Chair: Iris Bachmann)

1.           Emmanuelle Bermes and Marie Carlin (Bibliothèque nationale de France/National Library of France), “Curation in the Digital Age : Building the BnF DataLab”

2.           Marina Garone Gravier (Bibliographic Research Institute – National Autonomous University of Mexico / National Library of Mexico (IIB-UNAM / BNM)), “Postdoctoral Research and its Impact on the Collections of the National Library of Mexico: Four Experiences (2018-2021)”

3.           Joseph Marshall (National Library of Scotland), “Developing a Worldwide Collaboration to Promote and Research Digitised Texts”

4.           Liisa Näpärä (National Library of Finland), “User-driven Research Services for Collaborative Research Projects Using Library Collections”

5.     Elena Sánchez Nogales (National Library of Spain),  “New Values for Heritage Collections: Experiences at the National Library of Spain”

Panel 19. Spotlight: Preservation and Conservation (Chair: Cordelia Rogerson)

1.           John Beaman (British Library), “First Steps in Digital Collection Care: The Minimum Preservation Tool”

2.           Mariana Kiriakov (National Library of the Republic of Moldova), “Project Management Activity of the National Library Moldova: Case Study of Project “Early 19th-Century Bessarabian Charters and Historical Documents”, supported by US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (2017-2019).”

3.           Nicole Prawl and David Mohammed (National Library of Jamaica), “Picture Mi Dis: The Conservation for the West India Regiment Album: 1927”

4.           Stephanie Preuss and  Frederik Althaus (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/German National Library), “A New App for Preservation Data”

3.45pm    Break

4pm        Intervention: Alberto Manguel

4.30pm    Closing address day 2

5pm        NLN2021 cafe: join our end-of-conference meeting, bring a drink and chat informally, reflect on the day’s talks, and play along with a fun NLN2021 quiz


*The programme will be updated with any changes as, and if, they arise

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