3rd September 2021

Modernisation and new interior design of Krasiński Palace (Palace of the Commonwealth)

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021 a conference took place to mark the launching of the project “Modernisation and new interior design of Krasiński Palace (Palace of the Commonwealth) at Plac Krasińskich 3/5, Warsaw”.

The project involves changing how the functional and usable space within the Palace is arranged. The Palace will be restored to its former glory and its unique historical and cultural collections made accessible to the public. The project will also strengthen the social and cultural function of the building for the people of Warsaw, the province of Mazovia, other parts of Poland and overseas visitors.

The building is an example of a Baroque palace entre cour et jardin (between the entrance court and the garden), the garden in this case being the adjoining Krasiński Garden. Built in the years 1688-99 to designs by Tylman van Gameren, it was regarded by contemporaries as one of the most beautiful aristocratic palaces in Warsaw.


The redevelopment and new interior design of the Palace of the Republic will achieve a number of goals:

  • The building itself and the most valuable collections of the National Library of Poland, currently not open to the public, will become accessible
  • Optimal conditions will be created for the building to meet the needs of all groups within society, regardless of their background, age and experience
  • The Palace will be adapted in line with the requirements of modern technology and the general standards of cultural institutions, making it an important social and cultural location and a unique tourist attraction on the map of Warsaw
  • An interactive exhibition space will be created presenting the unique collections of the National Library (historical objects, temporary thematic exhibitions, the history of the National Library, the Palace of the Commonwealth, books and printing, European literary heritage, and reading today and in history)
  • An open, multi-generational space will be created for educational activities and workshops aimed at children, school groups, adults, senior citizens, etc.
    Working in close cooperation with the residents of Warsaw, a rich new cultural and
  • educational offering will be created at the Palace of the Commonwealth, involving all age groups in the local community

The project will be carried out in partnership with Bergen Public Library (Norway).

The project is co-financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (EUR 2,794,993.25) and the Polish state (EUR 524,998.81).

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