CENL Event

3rd May 2021

Meet the National Libraries – Featuring National Library of Czech Republic

The latest instalment of Meet the National Libraries aired on April 22nd at 10:00 am US Central Time / 4:00 pm Central European Time.  The National Library of the Czech Republic was the latest to feature on this ongoing series.


The Slavic Reference Service, working in collaboration with the National Libraries Section, is introducing a new webinar series, Meet the National Libraries. The extraordinary contributions of national libraries play an important role in maintaining the vast network of libraries and scholarly communities around the world. Numerous search tools, digital collections, national bibliographies, and portals have been introduced. By featuring national libraries, we hope to make them more accessible.

Webinar Program

  • Meet the National Libraries, Series Introduction – Joe Lenkart (Manager, Slavic Reference Service)
  • Welcome & Introduction – Tomáš Foltýn (Director, Collections Management)
  • Digital Access to Collections – Adolf Knoll (Deputy Director, Science, Research, and International Cooperation)
  • National Digital Library and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Zdenko Vozár (Head, Support for Library Applications)
  • Ask Your Library and Other Public Services – Karolína Košťálová (Director, Public Services)
  • 20 Years of the Czech Web Archive – Marie Haškovcová (Head, Web Archiving, Head
  • Long-Term Preservation of the Physical Collections – Petra Vávrová (Director, Collections Preservation)
  • Slavonic Library Public Services – Lukáš Babka (Director, Slavonic Library)
  • Q&A

Now the materials from this event are available at the following URLs:

Video recording:


Slides from the webinar:


Answers to questions not addressed during the webinar:



For more information, visit National Libraries Section.