Biblioteka Narodowa / National Library of Poland

How to find us

National Library of Poland, main building

Al. Niepodległości 213

02-086 Warsaw



+48 22 608 29 99




Main Building: Stanisław Fijałkowski

The National Library buildings are currently under reconstruction; The new reading rooms have been designed by Tomasz Konior from KONIOR Studio and SOKKA consortium.

Palace of Commonwealth building: Tylman van Gameren (17th century)

Year founded


The National Library acts as the central library of the state and one of the most important cultural institutions in Poland. It’s mission is to protect national heritage preserved in the form of handwritten, printed, electronic, recorded sound and audiovisual documents. The primary task of the National Library is to acquire, store and permanently archive the intellectual output of Poles, whether the works of citizens living on Polish soil, the most important foreign works, or publications related to Poland and published abroad.

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