18th June 2019

ISNI summit 26-27th June 2019 at BnF

ISNI summit organised at the Bibliotheque National de France.

Location : Paris, National Library of France, François-Mitterrand building, Quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris

Audience : Representatives from libraries (national libraries, library networks…), already ISNI members or RAGs, or which are exploring the opportunity to join and to use ISNI, either directly or indirectly (50 people at a maximum)

Goals : Given the growth of ISNI, both in information community and in business sector (e. g. musical industry), the ISNI governance structure is under revision. Libraries, through VIAF, gave the first dataset to populate ISNI and more and more libraries are joining ISNI as members as well as RAGs.

As ISNI expands its membership sectoral advisory groups are being established to expand and coordinate representation in the future governance and evolution of the ISNI standard. Furthermore, in defining a common interest for libraries we will also begin to explore how we work with the other sectoral interest groups now invested in the deployment of ISNI.

The purpose for this summit is to bring together ISNI adopters from the library sector worldwide to share their experiences of ISNI implementations and their different use cases in order to explore ways in which libraries can form stronger collaborations to coordinate library sector representation in the future development and governance of ISNI.

Preliminary programme: Each day will start with plenary sessions from invited speakers to share knowledge on ISNI implementations and ongoing projects. These are followed by discussions in groups run in a break-out format so that each participant would benefit from participating in discussing each topic in a small group with a facilitator running each group.A detailed programme will be published later.

Topics to be discussed

26th June : Use cases and common challenges
How do libraries expect to use ISNI and what for?
What kind of internal business models can libraries build around ISNI?
What are the use cases for ISNI as linked data in libraries?

27th June : Organization of the library community and follow-up
How do we organize the library community within the ISNI governance?
How do we communicate effectively between ISNI library members?

How do we reconcile differing policies between libraries, and with other sectors?
How do we facilitate effective crossworking with other sector groups?

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact : isni@bnf.fr

For more info visit: https://plexi-form.bnf.fr/content/isni-summit-26-27th-june-2019

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