CENL Event

6th May 2022

International Conference “Reading as a basis for culture, knowledge and development”

Dear all interested,

The National Library of the Republic of Moldova is organizing the International Conference “Reading as a basis for culture, knowledge and development”, dedicated to the celebration of 190 years of the Library activity. The International Conference, on its 4 th edition, will take place on August 22 – 23, 2022.

By this letter we hereby invite you to participate in the proceedings of the International Conference.

The Conference, which has become already traditional within the LecturaCentral National Program aimed to promote reading, will take place online, with live broadcast on the official Youtube channel of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCidn5dDi5vMdirMUUmFRv5w).

The registration procedure for participation at the conference includes the process of filling in the following participation form (https://forms.gle/3TxiJZtwcu5CXViEA); the deadline for registartion is July 1st, 2022. The articles presented during the conference, as well as other valuable materials, which is not found in the Conference Agenda will be inserted in the fourth volume of the conference paper “The Reading and the Stairs” (https://zenodo.org/record/3661869#.YKzVQ6j7RPY).

The deadline for submitting the articles is October 1st, 2022.

The materials submitted for publication should meet the conditions set up here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/112J-7E4gotkxjm_Wqg5-UDKVVLVKs899/view?usp=sharing
There are invited to take part in the Conference the representatives of all types of libraries, teachers of all levels of education, writers, researchers in the fields of psychology, logic, practical philosophy, representatives of the book industry, decision makers in various fields of responsibility.

The Conference Agenda and other information on the organization of the event will be further communicated individually by email to each registered participant.

Thank you in advance for your interest and openness! We are looking forward to a long-term collaboration!

For further questions and information, please contact the Conference Secretariat of the Research and Development in Library and Information Sciences Directorate, the Studies and Research Section, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova.

Deadline for applications: July 1st, 2022
Selection will be made by: July 20th, 2022
Deadline for submitting the articles: October 1st, 2022.Additional contacts:

Contact phone: (+373 22) 240070
Contact e-mails: studiisicercetaribnrm@gmail.com; adraganel@bnrm.md; vasilica@bnrm.md