16th December 2019

IFLA’s Governing Board Advances Work to Update IFLA’s Governance

Drawing on contributions from a survey of members and consultations with Professional Units, IFLA’s Governing Board made important progress towards updating IFLA’s structures in order to provide new opportunities for IFLA’s members to engage in its work.

With the launch of IFLA’s Strategy 2019-24, the Federation has a new focus in the substance of its work. The Governance Review is the next key step in our transformation, aiming to create the structures necessary to deliver on our ambitions.

In particular, there is a clear need to create more opportunities for all IFLA members and volunteers to participate in our work. Their engagement will be essential to achieving the vision of a strong and united library field powering literate, informed and participatory societies.

The Governance Review is therefore strongly focused on updating the structures and processes by which IFLA operates, in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness and participation.

On 10-11 December 2019, IFLA’s Governing Board held a workshop in The Hague in order to advance the process. Benefitting from the response of members to a survey in October 2019, consultations with key stakeholders, and the experience of Board members, the two days of intense discussions brought new clarity about priorities and options for reform.

Over the coming months, Board members will refine ideas further, and then hold a further survey of Members in March 2020. Contributions from IFLA’s professional units and others are of course welcome at any time.

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