19th March 2024

Her Voice, Her Power: Celebrating Women’s Day

On the occasion of March 8, in National and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid – Skopje, N. Macedonia was shown the digital exhibition Women in rare periodicals. The newspaper Makedonka: organ of the anti-fascist front of women from Macedonia is an important title from the Collection of  Rare Periodicals in our Library. It is the first women’s magazine published in Macedonia. This periodical title has great cultural, historical, literary and library significance for Macedonia and Europe. It is a historical witness to the resistance of Macedonian women towards fascism and their struggle for emancipation and gaining equal rights.This title is particularly relevant to women’s writing in history, culture and the identity of women, activism in politics, etc. The newspaper was published from 1944 to 1952 in an eight-year time frame and a total of 83 numbers. He changed the title three times Enlightened Woman , Woman and New Woman. The event was rounded off with a poetry reading by several prominent Macedonians female writers.

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